As time goes by, we will add more information here so please check back every now and then to get the low down on all things related to furniture finishing with van Gogh Fossil Paint Collection.

How can I tell if paint really has chalk in it or if it’s just plain old latex paint?

Have you ever let your latex house paint sit in a paint tray and dry? You know how you can just peel it out the next day and it kind of feels rubbery? Well, that’s the latex in the paint that does that. Whereas with fossil paint, that won’t happen. Paints that use chalk as the binder will either just stick to the tray or it will come off and crumble when you crush it in your hand or it will turn to powder.

But really, does it even matter? We love our van Gogh Fossil Paint because it imparts that velvetty smooth matte finish and because it’s easy to distress. We especially love our paint because it levels out so beautifully and feels so smooth. We use chalk as the binder in our paint because it gives those properties to our paint.

Is your brand name trademarked?

Our name has been approved for publication by the US Patent and Trademark Office. If you’re one of those people that loves to see the business side of business, check out our trademark process here.

What is the law regarding the listing of ingredients on labels?

In the paint world, in Canada, any and all hazardous ingredients must be listed on the label. If there’s nothing listed, that means there’s nothing toxic or hazardous in the product. For example, below is a link to our MSDS sheet (Material Safety Data Sheet) for our Beeswax Furniture Finish. This information is public and any manufacturer or retailer is required to produce it upon request.


If you’re curious about other products and what hazardous materials might be contained in them, simply email the retailer and ask for a copy of their MSDS. Not all companies comply with the labelling laws, so check the MSDS sheet to be sure.

There are NO hazardous ingredients in our van Gogh Fossil Paint or in our van Gogh Beeswax Furinture Finish. We wanted to get away from all those fumes and nasty chemicals. That’s why we created this line of wonderful furniture finishing products.

What is a Paintologist?

We are a creative bunch of artisans who are passionate about studying the art of painting furniture. A Paintologist is one who studies this art form and applies the knowledge and skill they acquire to creating beautiful furniture and one who shares a passion for helping others to do the same thing. A group of van Gogh Paintologists coined this term specifically to describe members of our team who study and impart knowledge and who retail our products.

What is a Developer of Paintology?

One who has the responsibility to bring new Paintologists into the van Gogh family and who mentors, trains and supports those Paintologists. (Again, our team coined this phrase)

Could you please give us an overview of your products and the role of the Paintologist?

I could not possibly do that any better or more eloquently than Bobbie Robinson, of Stan Portley’s Timeless and Uniques, when she was being interviewed on the radio, so here it is, have a listen!