We have discontinued our van Gogh Beeswax.  Please go to our van Gogh Rice Wax page to see our new fabulous product! van Gogh Rice Wax

We were becoming very concerned about the Bee Colony Collapse problem.  If we lose our bees, it could be totally catastrophic!  We don’t want to contribute to the world’s problems.  We want to be caretakers of the planet.  Now I admit, I’m not as conscientious as I could be. I could be better, and I am striving to improve.  But, I do recycle at home, I do conserve energy, and I do preach to my children that I don’t want them to inherit a world full of garbage!  As a business owner, I do what  I can to make a concerted effort to sell the most earth-friendly products I can find.  That’s why we don’t put anti-freeze in our paint – did you know that many paints do contain that?

I encourage anyone who is interested to look up the facts regarding Bee Colony Collapse.  I don’t want to get on a soapbox, I just want to do my little bit to be as environmentally friendly as I can.  I’m not pretending I sell Mother’s Milk.  I sell paint and wax.  But, I do my best to make the world a better place.

Our van Gogh Beeswax is a beautiful product, but with our new van Gogh Rice Wax, we are using a 100% plant based, totally sustainable product that is earth and human friendly.  it even offers better water resistance that our old Beeswax did.  Plus, it’s a harder finish and requires less oil to make it into a paste.  That means you use less product, wipe off less excess and it’s easier to buff.  And you know what else?  It doesn’t require a brush to apply!  I like to use cheesecloth. That all means less waste. Yes, it does take a bit more effort to apply because it’s a harder wax, but it’s so worth it when you think about the difference it can make to our planet.   After all, that’s why we up-cycle furniture in the first place right?  To keep it out of the landfill!

If you just can’t make the switch:

While we don’t want to sell Beeswax anymore, our fantastic Paintologist, Stan Portley’s Timeless and Unique, has asked for, and been given our blessing to manufacture and sell our Beeswax.  Please contact John or Bobbie for more information at http://www.stanportleys.com/