October 24, 2012
by Kathy van Gogh

Welcome!  This is my very first blog post….EVER!  How exciting!  I have so much to share with you but after receiving a beautiful heartwarming gift from Jo and Frank from Muddaritaville yesterday, I knew exactly what my first blog post would be about…EMPOWERMENT.  We have a slogan here at van Gogh Fossil Paint Collection, well we have two, but I want to talk about this one:  We don’t just sell paint…we sell EMPOWERMENT!

Just what does this mean?  Well, I remember the first time I ever upcycled, recycled, revamped – whatever you want to call it – my first piece about 15 years ago.  It was a really broken down chair from the thrift store.  It cost me $2.00.  It had a neat feature though, the seat lifted on a hinge at the back to reveal a secret storage place.  It no longer closed properly and it was a really ugly fake leather, the colour of baby poo (ahhh, sometimes you actually CAN describe colour), and dark wood with flaking varnish.  I replaced the hinge, painted it, crackled it, reupholstered it and made it ultra femine for my office – it was cream and lavender floral when I finished with it.  I loved that chair so much.  I was so proud whenever anyone came into my office and had to sit in that chair.  Many women admired that chair.  I felt empowered.  It’s like that scene in Castaway when Tom Hanks makes his first fire on the deserted island.  You know how he says “I…have…made…FIRE!”  Well that’s how I felt every time I looked at that chair.  “I… have… made… BEAUTY!”  That is such an empowering feeling.

But wait…that’s not all – it gets even better.  I also remember how difficult it was for me to bring money into the family income when my oldest kids were little (back in the 80’s).  I really wanted to stay home with my children until they were in school.  Even when they were in school,  trying to find a job where they understood you could only work between 10 and 2, and if your child was sick, you wouldn’t be at work…well now, that was almost impossible.  Having always been artistic, I thought I would hand paint children’s T Shirts and make millions, that way I could work from home and raise my children and have it all.   Uhhh, no.  It didn’t actually work out that way.  I calculated it… after material costs and flogging my T Shirts for hours on end at children’s stores, I realized that I made about 25 cents an hour.  Hmm, couponing was more lucrative, but it sure didn’t fulfill my creative self.

I wish van Gogh Fossil Paint Collection had been available to me then.  What we’re trying to do here is give people a way to earn income from home and help them nourish their soul by creating beauty.  Buy pieces with good bones at Thrift stores or on Craigslist or Kijiji, turn them into works of art using our products, and either sell them or keep them.  Either way, you’re going to feel empowered.

Now, if you are ready to turn that passion into a full time business, then we want to make it easy for you to start a business.  We want your passion and creativity on our team.  If you want to become one of our retailers, then check out  Become a Retailer.  That will empower you by helping you step into your dream!

Because…we don’t just sell paint…we sell EMPOWERMENT!

Now, as promised…here is a picture of that wonderful gift that Jo made for me.  It’s just so perfect.  Everytime you hear someone tell you, “you can’t”, “who do you think you are”, “it’ll never work” or any of that other negative and false talk, think of this:

Vincent van Gogh quote. Art by Jo at Muddaritaville on upcycled old kitchen cabinet door.


A decorative artist since 2001, Kathy van Gogh's calling in the world of art was set long before then. A descendent of the great Dutch impressionist, she has always had art in her heart and loves empowering others with skills to make their lives better!

Kathy started van Gogh Fossil Paints in 2012 to great acclaim. She continues to move about the world educating an ever-growing network of paintologists in new techniques of applying the paints, waxes and finishes for unique and beautiful products!

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    I love what this company is about! Cheers to Avery for being so giving of her time.


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    Agreed – “empowerment” is the perfect word to describe this royal lift and mindset shift when you can create something with your own hands.

    The initiative with Lauren Lane Decor and Cloverdale Paint is just genius. How do you suggest others contribute if we aren’t part of the decorating or delivery industry? Do you accept monetary donations?

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      Hi Nikki,
      That is so thoughtful of you. We aren’t set up to take monetary donations at this time.

      You could help by simply spreading the word. Thank you so much!

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    Just stumbbled upon ‘van Gogh’ furniture paintology today… sooooo EXCITED to find a close supplier!!!

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