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November 20, 2014
by Kathy van Gogh

Some news about the the fun and love at van Gogh

Lil Half Pints

van Gogh Fossil Paint is now available in these adorable little half pints. Aren’t they cute? Don’t be fooled by their diminutive size – these babies pack a punch! They are double the size of most “samples”. These Lil Half Pints will allow you to paint a coffee table, or a night table or a couple of chairs (depending on your application method of course). Use them if you’re on a bit of a budget, or if you just want to try out our Fossil Paint. Another good strategy is to use them to EXPAND YOUR COLOUR COMFORT ZONE.

If you would normally use our Chalk or our Cashmere or one of our other more neutral colours, why not pick up a Lil Half Pint in one of our many other beautiful and bold colours that you really love but might have been afraid to try. Paint your piece with the bold colour first, allow to dry and then paint with one of our more neutral colours. Distress the top colour back a little to reveal the punch of glorious colour you started with. Reveal more or less depending on your style. Then, put a cushion or a vase of the same colour somewhere in the same room. Now you have a designer look and colour in your space without having to commit to that colour “in your face”. Here’s a piece I did using a Designer Blue colour I created specifically to match this glorious knob. It’s got a lot of this vintage bluey green colour to it, but it still reads as the off-white colour of our Fossil Paint colour called Chalk.

Armoire with Zoom Insets

You will love the way this allows you to bring more colour into your life. It feels good to be surrounded by your favourite colours.

Thanksgiving Pumpkins

Pumpkins in Bling Blush and Crystal Highlights

How pretty would these be on your Thanksgiving Table? So easy and festive! We painted these with van Gogh Fossil Paint, then with van Gogh Liquid Metals, some glitter and our van Gogh Crystal Highlights to create these sophisticated and glamorous center pieces. These small pumpkins last for weeks and the large pumpkin is FAKE! So that will last until next year.

Christmas Signs

Our wonderful Paintologist Tonya has created some beautiful signs and growth charts, and of course, furniture pieces, but here she shares with you her HOW TO technique for adding bling and sparkles to your next Christmas project – oh heck, why limit bling and sparkles to Christmas? I love it all year round!

TonyaTonya 2

Tonya Makuch of Hand Painted Furniture says: I thought I’d share this quick and easy holiday delight.
van Gogh Fossil Paint in the colour Revenge base, luminous eyeshadow through a Christmas stencil dusted with glitter before it dries.I prefer Martha Stewart fine glitter. The snow is Fossil Paint in the colour Chalk on the base with van Gogh’s new Crystal Highlights also dusted with fine glitter.
Love these products….
Happy Painting!

You can check her out at http://handpaintedfurniture.ca/ If you live in Maple Ridge, BC, Canada, you can sign up for one of her workshops.

Thank you again dear reader for being interested in van Gogh Furniture Paintology. We appreciate it. If you ever want to talk to us, here is my direct email: KathyvanGogh@Telus.net

Your opinion matters and if you’d like to share your van Gogh projects with us, we’d love to post them on our social media and send people your way. We have learned that you get more by sharing the love.


A decorative artist since 2001, Kathy van Gogh's calling in the world of art was set long before then. A descendent of the great Dutch impressionist, she has always had art in her heart and loves empowering others with skills to make their lives better!

Kathy started van Gogh Fossil Paints in 2012 to great acclaim. She continues to move about the world educating an ever-growing network of paintologists in new techniques of applying the paints, waxes and finishes for unique and beautiful products!

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  1. Rosalyn

    I have read and read and read but I cannot find it……where do I buy this paint??? Thank you.

    With kind regards,


    • |

      Rosalyn! We currently only sell through our paintologists. Check the directory to see if there’s anybody in your neighbourhood selling our fossil paint! UPDATE: We are planning on opening an online store to compliment our newly opened Retail Store in Delta BC

  2. |

    Why is it so hard to buy this paint? I have tried the map and can’t find a reseller in the US. I would just like to get a sample to try. I really like the idea behind this paint and really want to try it. I am ready to give up and move on
    I also searched for an email address to contact anyone about getting a sample. If I like this paint, I would love to be one a reseller. Please advise.
    Thank you

    • |

      Hi Jennifer,
      We do have many Paintologists in the USA, try looking at our new and simplified listing of Paintologists. I’m so sorry you have had a frustrating time trying to find our paint. Please feel free to email me directly at Kathy@FossilPaint.com. I’m also sorry you had trouble finding our contact email. It is on our site, but perhaps got a little lost among all the other eye candy on our site, I apologize for that.

  3. |

    thats unfortunate, I’d love to try the paint but there’s nowhere I can get it in my state. Any plans to sell online in the future? I’d be up for being a paintologist, but I don’t have a retail brick & mortar store.

    • |

      Hi Jil,
      Absolutely, we do have plans to open an online store. FYI, we do not require our Paintologists to have a brick and mortar store. We really mean it when we say we want to empower women including those who work from home! Being a mother is THE MOST IMPORTANT JOB IN THE WORLD! We are happy to come second place to that!

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