Mango Reclaimed Featured in East Magazine and a New Video

February 12, 2014
by Kathy van Gogh

One of our all-star paintologists and all around great person, Melanie Curley of Mango Reclaimed Vintage Furniture Studio, has just been featured in East Magazine.

You can check out the entire issue online right here, or if you prefer, we’ve taken the liberty of extracting Melanie’s article into a smaller PDF that can be found here.

As if scoring the cover of a magazine wasn’t enough for Melanie, she’s also been busy creating this little video of her incredible business!

Melanie Curley is a stunning example of one of our rockstar paintologists! We are so proud that we get to work with incredible and talented people like Melanie.


A decorative artist since 2001, Kathy van Gogh's calling in the world of art was set long before then. A descendent of the great Dutch impressionist, she has always had art in her heart and loves empowering others with skills to make their lives better!

Kathy started van Gogh Fossil Paints in 2012 to great acclaim. She continues to move about the world educating an ever-growing network of paintologists in new techniques of applying the paints, waxes and finishes for unique and beautiful products!

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  1. Linda Laffey

    I love going in to see Melanie at Mango reclaimed. I always leave feeling inspired.

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