Welcome to a new and exciting level of Training and Expertise here at Studio van Gogh.

We are very proud to raise the  bar in the Furniture Painting Industry.  Under the personal training of Master Decorative Artist Kathy van Gogh, we are here to teach advanced workshops to our Paintologists and Consumers.  As the trend in furniture painting comes ever more into vogue (again as it has many times throughout history), it is no longer sufficient to continue teaching the basics of distressed finishes.  Here at van Gogh, we want to raise the bar so that more accomplished work can be turned out by our Paintologists, and then, by their students or by many of you who have become or strive to become experts in this field.

After 20 years in the Decorative Painting industry, and after being trained by many masters worldwide, Kathy van Gogh is bringing her extensive knowledge to the general public through her simplified methods of high end finishes.   “I want these once secretly held techniques to be available to anyone.  I want everyone to feel confident.  None of this is rocket science – anyone can complete beautiful work using our modified systems.  I always say ‘everything is easy once you know how!'”

Our advanced classes work like the guilds of old.  As a Master Trainer, Kathy is here to facilitate advanced learning, and to impart skills, philosophy and to provide support to our Paintologists and consumers.  Achieve higher and higher levels of expertise as you attend Master Classes.  In doing so, obtain more knowledge and your work commands higher prices, and in turn raises the bar of fine finishes in our industry as a whole.

To arrange private or group classes, or to be added to our Mailing List so that you can be advised of class offerings, please contact Kathy van Gogh at KathyvanGogh@telus.net