Welcome to a new and exciting level of Training and Expertise here at Studio van Gogh.

We are very proud to raise the  bar in the Furniture Painting Industry.  Under the personal training of Master Decorative Artist Kathy van Gogh, our Master Trainers and Mentors are here to teach advanced workshops to our Paintologists.  As the trend in furniture painting comes ever more into vogue (again as it has many times throughout history), it is no longer sufficient to continue teaching the basics of distressed finishes.  Here at van Gogh, we want to raise the bar so that more accomplished work can be turned out by our Paintologists, and then, by their students.

After 15 years in the Decorative Painting industry, and after being trained by many masters worldwide, Kathy van Gogh is bringing her extensive knowledge to the general public through her simplified methods of high end finishes.   “I want these once secretly held techniques to be available to anyone.  I want everyone to feel confident.  None of this is rocket science – anyone can complete beautiful work using our modified systems.  I always say ‘everything is easy once you know how!'”

Our Mentorship program works like the guilds of old.  Our Master Trainers are here to facilitate advanced learning, to act as mentors and to impart skills, philosophy and to provide support to our Paintologists.  Our Paintologists achieve higher and higher levels of expertise as they attend Master Classes.  In doing so, they obtain more knowledge, their work commands higher prices, and they in turn raise the bar of fine finishes in our industry as a whole.

We are proud of our Master Trainers who work constantly to become the best in the business, and we are proud of our Paintologists who increase their own education and skill levels through our Master Class series.

If you are lucky enough to be able to attend a workshop conducted  by one of our Master Trainers and Mentors, or one of our Advanced Paintologists, we encourage you to do so.  We know you will be receiving some of the most prestigious and highest levels of training available in our industry.

van Gogh Master Trainers and Mentors

John and Bobbie Robinson

Stan Portley’s Timeless & Uniques

240 Richmond Street, Unit D
London, ON N6B 2H6
P: 1 (519) 601-3666
F: 1 (519) 601-4666
John Direct: 1 (519) 619-9476
Bobbie Direct: 1 (519) 859-1695

The Following is a list of our Paintologists who have completed the Master Workshop Training in SPRING of 2015.  These Paintologists have achieved higher levels of expertise and accreditation from the van Gogh Teaching and Mentorship Guild and are able to provide a more comprehensive and sophisticated learning experience.



Olivia Ireland

Liv Lovely Decor

Langley (by appointment), BC
1 (778) 834-0357
Instagram: @livlovelydecor
FB: @liv-lovely
and also at

The Sellution

3206 Main Street, Vancouver BC
1 (604) 876-4517

Georgina Foster

Paint Chica

2335 Hemer Rd, Nanaimo

1 (250) 618-4512

FB: PaintChica


Instagram: paintchica15


Joy Huffadine

The Peacock’s Feather

339 North Railway St. SE, Medicine Hat, AB
1 (403) 502-3626
FB: the-peacocks-feather


Jody Timm

Paint B’Dazzle

207 Meglund Cres, Wildwood, Saskatoon, SK
1 (306) 281-7455
FB: PaintBeDazzle


Colleen Kobialka

Furniture Facelift by Kobi

Winnipeg, MB

by appointment
1 (204) 774-0504
FB: FurnitureFaceliftbyKobi



Amy Relouw-Gelinas & Linda Relouw

139 Ontario Street
Grand Bend, Ontario N0M 1T0
Cell 1 (226) 374-9113