Chalk is our most popular colour. A very warm off-white. When you want that worn but clean look, this is the colour to go for. There is no yellow in this colour, it has undertones of brown oxide. Very opaque, excellent coverage and works well with absolutely every colour in the van Gogh palette.

Here’s a cabinet with van Gogh Furniture Makeup Embossing plaster and Chalk with French Caffeine Beeswax. From plain to fabulous dahling…

November 20, 2013


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    I have a jar of your embossing plaster but haven’t used it since last summer. I forget how to use it. I know stencil is required but how long does it take to set up and is it possible to give me instructions so I can print it out? Thanks

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      HI Janet, There are many ways you can use our embossing plaster (Furniture Facelift). You can pull it through a stencil, let dry overnight, lightly sand to remove ridges around stencil openings and then paint with Fossil Paint, distress as desired and then seal with our Zombie Varnish, TTF or Rice Wax. You can also apply it 100% to a surface without a stencil to create a texture to paint over or to pull an embossing roller through, or push leaves into, or….many many other ways. Check out classes at your local Paintologist for lots more ideas! Thank you for using our products Janet. Kathy

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