Chivalry is the perfect soft gray. Reminiscent of the Knights of the Round Table wearing their suits of armour. This colour makes us think of those men of our dreams that always put us first, open doors, pay the bills, lift heavy things and protect us from the bad guys. In the world of van Gogh, Chivalry is anything but dead! SCREECH……………….wait a minute! We don’t need a knight in shining armour, we don’t need the bill paid, we make our own money! We follow our own dreams! We can jump over those puddles! Who needs all that stuff? Well ok, maybe we still need the lifting heavy things part. Anyway, this colour is gorgeous. Try it and see, and create a house full of Chivalry all by yourself!

November 20, 2013

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    […] at the end). Then to choose a colour. Which was harder than expected. We chose a grey called “chivarly” using van Gogh’s fossil paint… or chalk paint as it’s known in popular […]

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van Gogh Fossil Paint Collection | Chivalry - van Gogh Fossil Paint Collection
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