Wow! When you want a strong, no holds barred, give-it-to-me-Teal, this is the colour you want. Bold, strong, brave. That’s why we called it CONFIDENCE. This colour is absolutely gorgeous any way you use it, but it really has a young, hip, urban kind of vibe when you pair it with Revenge or Mascara. Use it inside drawers and cabinets for a glorious surprise when paired with a softer neutral (sort of like one of those designer jackets where the lining is just as beautiful as the outside fabric. You simply can not help but be happy near a colour like this. Who knew it was so easy to gain a little Confidence! Carry a secret square of it in your purse everywhere you go for that extra little boost when you need it!

Here’s one of my favourite jokes – I just couldn’t resist putting it here:

An older, but refined woman is walking down the street in the garment district of New York. She sees a grubby, unshaven, lascivious looking middle-aged man walking toward her on the same sidewalk. He is wearing a raincoat, his legs below the raincoat are bare. As he nears, he grabs the edges of his raincoat and suddenly rips it open to reveal his total nakedness and starts undulating his “wares”. The woman looked him up and down and in her best New York accent says ” you caul that a lining?”

November 20, 2013

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