Silver Gildied Night Table

November 26, 2013


  1. Gerri tomitz

    Beautiful….. I would love to learn more

  2. |

    This is beautiful. Are there instructions on how to achieve this look.

  3. Nancy

    Love the silver gilded night table what colors did u use thanks

  4. |

    Hi Could you add me to your mailing list and I would love to learn how more about the guilded piece.

    • |

      Thank you so much for your kind comment! Our Paintologists offer advanced training classes. Check with your local Paintologist to see if they are teaching this finish yet. You may have to wait a bit to get this class as we are rolling out some exciting new classes soon. I have added you to our Newsletter but if anyone else wants to know, just go to our Home Page and scroll down a bit to sign up.

  5. |

    I remember seeing a cabinet with the words Once upon a time on it…how was that done???

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