Pumpkins – no carving!

October 29, 2012
by Kathy van Gogh

van Gogh Fossil Paint Collection Pumpkins

So easy to make these pumpkins.  I hate carving them – so hard on the hands.  So, instead, these were given the quick and dirty van Gogh Fossil Paint and leaf and stencil treatment.

Clockwise from back left:This one was actually carved by my youngest daughter.  Then she painted it with Muse (this colour is named after my granddaughter Piper Muse), because the carving says ” I love Piper”.  Then she used Mascara through a stencil – EASY PEASY. For the back right one, we mixed Laundered Money and Confidence to create this cool bluey green colour.  After it dries, paint some van Gogh Collection size onto a crumpled up paper towel and dab it on.  (I said quick and dirty right?  I hope my gilding master never reads this) Wait about 20 minutes for the size to tack up and stick on your gold leaf, burnish and go!  (I just used a Tshirt rag) The front vibrant blue one is painted with Confidence and then the size is painted on with a 1 inch synthetic bristle brush.  Start at the stem of the pumpkin with your brush on the chisle edge, then as you move the brush down the pumpkin, twist the brush to lay it flat, then lift it up again to the edge as you near the bottom of the pumpkin.  Let the size tack up and then lay on your aluminum leaf. For the little copper one, apply the size all over, let it come to tack, lay on your copper leaf and burnish.  Then I used our newest colour of fossil paint – we call it van Gogh because it’s our signature colour on all our labels, and because it’s my personal favourite.  I dipped my brush into the paint and then simply dripped and flicked the brush over the pumpkin. No need to seal because these babies will rot and go into the garbage in a week or so.  In the meantime, they can grace my front steps and look like they belong at an artists home! These all took no time at all! – Mary Poppins style! They go perfectly with my dead Halloween plant – yah – I did that on purpose. Now how do you put in a wink emoticon?  So much to learn, so little time.

And for you traditionalists – here’s the carved ones my family made.


A decorative artist since 2001, Kathy van Gogh's calling in the world of art was set long before then. A descendent of the great Dutch impressionist, she has always had art in her heart and loves empowering others with skills to make their lives better!

Kathy started van Gogh Fossil Paints in 2012 to great acclaim. She continues to move about the world educating an ever-growing network of paintologists in new techniques of applying the paints, waxes and finishes for unique and beautiful products!

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    All the pumpkins turned out great! Such a talented crew.

  2. Michael Nethery

    OMG!!! After a short exchange with Joanne, after reading some info on the pages, and now! Now after seeing these pumpkins!!
    I have to do something with this company ! OMG. My mind is all a twitter ( not tweeting, but twitter as in crowded with thoughts LOL)
    Let me read and learn more. There must be, there will be something I can do.

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