Introducing our new beautiful RICE WAX! van Gogh Rice Wax

We have made a decision to be even more environmentally conscious and have therefore discontinued our use of Beeswax in favour of this 100% plant based Rice Wax.  For more information on this decision, please see our Beeswax Page here: van Gogh Beeswax

van Gogh Rice Wax produces a lovely soft hand rubbed lustre with minimal buffing  and minimal waste of product.

van Gogh Rice Wax is made from the natural coating that the rice plant produces to surround the bran (seed) to protect it from bacteria, water and pests.  It offers superior water resistance compared to most other waxes.  It is mixed with Coconut Oil to make it into a hard paste.  Coconut oil is one of the few natural plant based oils that will not go rancid.  Coconut oil also contains natural anti-bacterial properties.

We are always striving to create a collection of products with minimal toxins and minimal allergens.  I have been asked if people with tree nut allergies should avoid Coconut oil.  Based on my research, it does not seem to be a concern.  I defer to those that are more knowledgeable than I am and direct you to this blog where there is an excellent discussion about it written by Elizabeth Goldenberg. .  Of course, always refer to your doctor for any health related questions.

It is for the same reasons that we don’t add any essential oils to our Rice Wax either.  Some people can be allergic to them and they can be ingested through the skin, additionally, some people find the scent unpleasant.  There is virtually no scent to our van Gogh Rice Wax.

That’s it!  That’s all there is in our Rice Wax tin. These two simple ingredients are totally sustainable and environmentally friendly.  Both plants are edible.  What could be more natural than that?

We are proud to be trend setters.  We know that most people don’t like change.  But, we also know that most people really care about their health, their children’s health and being environmentally conscious.  We are trying to make it easy to protect our world, and to make some small difference regarding the potentially catastrophic bee colony collapse problem.

I admit that the application of our Rice Wax takes a bit more effort than our Beeswax, but I’m willing to put in a little more elbow grease if it improves the world.  Plus, there’s a lot less waste because there’s much less excess to apply, less excess to wipe off after application, so it’s actually less expensive too!

Here’s a photo of the soft pretty lustre our van Gogh Rice Wax produces.  Check back for a How To Video soon.

Pure and Simple all Natural Rice Wax

Pure and Simple all Natural Rice Wax

Soft lustre of Rice Wax

Soft lustre of Rice Wax